The University of Mediterranean Karpasia is founded in 2011 as the sixth university in North Cyprus. The vision of UMK is to raise solution-oriented, self-initiative individuals with good leadership and professional skills, and to train professionals who accommodate themselves to the rapidly changing scientific and social conditions of the 21st century with a high level and updated knowledge, good social communication skills, effective use of technology, and the necessary skills to successfully implement team work.

UMK provides internationally accepted associate, degree, and graduate level diplomas in all its programs. Keeping in mind that diversity is a great asset for educational institutions; The University has built an international base of students and academics from all around the world. Through blending the unique culture of North Cyprus with that of the diversity of individuals from different cultures, UMK enjoys welcoming brilliant students and eminent academics from over 20 countries.

Training individuals with vocational knowledge of international standards and raising decent, innovation-oriented, self confident entrepreneurs who are responsive to regional and global issues and are fully equipped with the necessary skills are among the most important commitments of UMK.

Our main objective is to train a work force equipped with high quality knowledge, skills and wisdom. Implementing modern teaching methods and techniques, we train well-disciplined individuals with the essential vocational knowledge and skills and raise individuals who are equipped with effective external communication skills, high sense of responsibility and internal locus of control.

With its scientific research of global standards, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia is making valuable contributions to public welfare as a research and development center. In this context, the ‘Education within Production’ program provides the students with the opportunity to have a hands-on work experience; the intention here is to raise leader representatives who are competent in applications, environmentally and socially conscious and who recognize the vital importance of self innovation.

Accreditation of UMK by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education Planning, Evaluation,
Accreditation and Coordination Council, and Turkish Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey (YÖK) enables our students to have the opportunity in transferring to other international universities globally.

International accreditations, memberships, memorandums of understanding, and partnership agreements signed with other universities from all over the world brings UMK and its members a global perspective at all levels and in all activities.

How to apply UMK?

Student enrollment is possible twice a year at UMK, in October for the Fall Semester and in February for the Spring Semester. Applications are accepted for a particular enrollment term starting one semester prior to the semester required.  Send your application request to  with your all coloured scanned certificates, fully stamped and signed transcripts  and diplomas.  If you have provided all the correct information and you have uploaded all the required documents, your application will be evaluated within 2 working days.  If there is an academic document missing or you failed to fill in all the required information,  UMK  International  Office  will contact you via e-mail and ask for these missing information/documents.

  • After we process the application, if you have the right academic qualifications, you will be getting a Conditional Acceptance Letter  via e-mail, which notes that you are accepted to  UMK on the condition that you pay the  initial payment  to the university.
  • Once we receive your initial payment, you will get your Acceptance Letter  via e-mail.
  • Visa information will be given to you from the International Office.

Costs and Scholarships

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia provides high quality education at one of the best tuition alternatives available in North Cyprus for international students. The annual tuition fee is only 3,300 US Dollars for Barchelor degree and 4,290 US Dollars for Master degree programs. 40% scholarship is included to those fees.

All the international students will be benefited 40 % scholarship for 2015-2016 Academic year. UMK also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities and tuition fee reductions that is attractive for students. 10% scholarship for students with brothers or sisters at UMK. The UMK offers sibling discounts for prospective students whose brothers and/or sisters are already enrolled in any of the programs at the University of Mediterranean Karpasia.

Academic Success scholarships UMK offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities and tuition fee discounts that is attractive for students to further their higher education. Students may be granted “high academic achievement” scholarship based on their previous semester’s academic performance.

Cultural and Sports scholarships: a person who has National Sports degree will be granted sports scholarships.


Since the campus is very near to centre of Nicosia, students can easly find house, dormitory to be lived during their education time.  Be noted that, being on time would gain you to find the more usefull houses.

Student Life

Our campus is situated just minutes away from the centre of Nicosia which is the capital city of Cyprus.  Student life in Nicosia is broad and diverse.  You can find  social events, and many museums, cinemas, gyms and other places.  You can lead a fun and exciting student life while enjoying all the benefits of this warm climate.

In one of the best slience and peaceful  student cities in the world, UMK creates new opportunities for individuals and society through education and research at the highest international level. Welcome to study with us!

UMK Social Activities Centre intends to create a pleasant social environment for our students. In addition to attending several activities and events, our students also make the best out of the social and cultural facilities offered by our University and the environment.

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