University of Kyrenia is one of the fastest growing universities in Cyprus and one of the most prominent educational institutions in the region, providing education both in Turkish and English languages with student over 30 countries. Campus is located by the seaside at a safe location near the city center.

The University of Kyrenia is recognized by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YOK) and the approval of the TRNC’s Ministry of National Education and received its accreditation from the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK).

University of Kyrenia has 14 faculties, 1 Academy, 2 vocational schools, School of Applied Sciences for 2 postgraduate programs and the Foundation English Programme. The University also has a Continuing Education Centre, Distance Learning Centre, School of Aviation and some other schools providing education to public.

The University places great importance on research and scientific projects.  As part of this, the University provides funding for attendance at conferences and scientific meetings to help its staff to publish in prestigious scientific journals, in order to promote academic development. The University is currently funding considerable number of significant research projects. University of Kyrenia is in academic cooperation with national and overseas universities.

For our most popular undergraduate programs – Aviation and Space Sciences, Dentistry, Maritime Studies, Maritime Management and Administration, Medicine – University of Kyrenia has provided the latest technological systems and infrastructure including a fully equipped hospital and dental hospital.

The university has the required infrastructure used for marine programs : Bridge Stimulator, Engine Room Stimulator, Liquid Cargo Handling Simulation, GMDSS, ECDIS, Arpa Radar, Port and Pie Constructional Simulation and three research and training vessels (TEAL and Jr. TEAL 1-2) at the New Port Kyrenia.

The University also has the key infrastructure for Aviation Programs such as the Flight Simulation Training Device and two training aircrafts. The University also has benefits of the School of Aviation, which provides activities in line with academic context. University of Kyrenia also operates as a ‘Test of English for Aviation (TEA)’ test centre for Mayflower College in the UK, which is approved to conduct language proficiency testing by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In addition to the academic programs, the university has a high quality health service provided by Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital and Dental Hospital, which are equipped with the latest and the most advanced medical devices and imaging equipment’s. The Medicine and Dentistry Faculties, health science and health services programs are benefiting from the facilities provided by the hospital and dental hospital. In addition to the hospitals facilities, the university also has brand new labs for the Dentistry and Medicine faculties.


  • International Diploma –  Validated By YOK, recognized all over the World
  • Fully Equipped Hospital
  • Fully Equipped Dental Hospital
  • Two Training Planes
  • Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD)
  • Two Training and Research Vessels
  • Marine Safety Training Center
  • Ship Simulation Labs
  • Basic Science and Computing Laboratories
  • Health Science, Medicine and Dentistry Laboratories
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Stationery Store – Copy Center
  • Near East Bank Branch and ATM
  • Accommodation

How to apply UOK?

General Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Admissions

One or more of the following certificates and diplomas are required in order to make an application:

* High School Diploma
* Higher Secondary Certificate

* International Baccalaureate (IB), GCSE, IGCSE Exam results
* American College Testing (ACT) Exam results

* Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Exam results

* WAEC, NECO, GAOKAO Exam results
* ACSEE Exam Results (For Tanzanian Students)
* AGCSE (A2) Exam Results (For Rwandan Students)
* BACCALAUREATE Exam Results (For Lebanese, Iraqi and Syrian Students)
* CERTIFICATE OF SUCCESS (Attestation De Reusitte) (For Students from D.R. of Congo)

* DIPLOMA DEBIRESTAN Exam Results (For Iranian Students)
* Higher Secondary Certificate Exam Results (Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi)
* KCSE Exam Results (For Kenyan Students)
* TAWJIHI Exam Results (For Jordanian and Palestinian Students)
* UACE Exam Results (For Ugandan Students)
* High School Diploma (For all other overseas students)

Required Documents

1- Application Form

2- Original copy of the Diploma

3- A photocopy of the identity card or passport.

4- Reference letter from the school you last attended

5- (x6) passport sized photograph (to be on the application form).

6- Copy of English language qualification –if taken-

7- For the transfer students:  Copy of academic transcript

8- For Marine Programs:

  • Maritime Health Report (Seaman Health Convenience Report)  (**)

9- For Professional Pilot Training Program:

  • Aviation Health Report (Class 1 Health Report) (**)
  • Clearance Document  
  • Papi Test for Professional Pilot Training

(*) Note: English translations of these documents are necessary if they are in any other language. In order to complete the registration all the original documents must be submitted upon arrival.

(**) The general health check-up report must be obtained and provided to the University of Kyrenia Admission office during the admission process before arrival to the island.

For further details please check our applicant’s website:

Costs and Scholarships

Scholarship for Republic of Turkey Students

These scholarships are only awarded to citizens of The Republic of Turkey. The number of scholarships that will be awarded and the number of quotas are determined by the university. Available scholarships are published in Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide published by ÖSYM.

Candidates get to benefit from these quotas by preferring these programs and quotas in university preference forms.

Evaluation of applications and placement of students to the programs are carried out by the relevant bodies of ÖSYM.

Scholarships for Citizens of TRNC

Only citizens of TRNC can benefit from this opportunity. The main objective is to provide the students with higher education in their own country, to support the students in need and to encourage and motivate successful students. The candidates are administered a University of Kyrenia Entry and Scholarship exam that is held annually. The candidates need to start the course with Full and/or Half Scholarship within the announced quotas.

Scholarship for International Students  

University of Kyrenia offers various scholarship opportunities:

  • 50% scholarship for all international students for selected programs
  • Sports scholarship
  • Special Package Offers
  • Sibling Discount

For details and other scholarship opportunities, please contact University of Kyrenia International Office.

Sports Scholarship

The scholarship is given by the University of Kyrenia as an award to aidless students and to those who are currently and actively enrolled in various sport clubs of the University of Kyrenia or Near East University.

Other scholarship and discount opportunities

University of Kyrenia offers sibling discount of 10% to sibling students preferring to study at selected programs. Discount may not be valid for Dentistry, Medicine and Professional Pilot Training programs.

For further details please check our web site for prospective students:  


University of Kyrenia provides accommodation with Kyrenia Apart Dormitories located at the city center, Park Palace Residence within a walking distance from UoK campus and Near East University (NEU) dormitories located in NEU Campus in Nicosia.  Kyrenia apart has single and double room options. Park Palace Residence has super luxurious single, double and 3-4 person room options. NEU dormitories have economic, standard, luxury, apart and residence type of rooms.

For detailed information about dormitories and accommodation, please check the following link

Student Life

University of Kyrenia Library

The library has 20,000 printed materials in different languages and access to 150,000 electronic databases. It also has a L.C. classification system which is adopted by libraries in the USA, Canada and Mexico to allow users to access information quickly. In addition to the fully equipped computers with internet access, a free Wi-Fi internet connection is also available in the library area, providing a comfortable study environment with a seating capacity of 100 people.

Near East University (NEU) Grand Library

University of Kyrenia students have free access to NEU Grand Library, the biggest library in the region. The NEU Grand Library holds over 150 million electronic and 800,000 printed materials. The grand library also offers various facilities including group study rooms, 4 amphitheatres and a cafeteria. The library is open 24/7 to students, staff and to the public.

Social Life and University Activities

Beside its historic sites and natural beauties, Northern Cyprus offers opportunities for students to improve their social skills by participating in social activities such as paragliding, camping, cultural festivals and hiking routes.

Cultural and sports facilities are regarded as important as the educational facilities. Our university organizes variety of student activities throughout the year.
Orientation programs for freshers; International Students Day; White Coat Ceremonies for Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science Programs; Marine Programs Uniform Transition Day; Spring Festival; Career Days; Conferences, seminars and other various activities in TRNC.

Participation is supported by the University for Facilities such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, theatres, cinema and concerts organized and performed in UoK and NEU.

Student Clubs

There are student clubs dealing with all social activities organized by students that university supports.  

Search and Rescue Club (AKUT), Environmental and Social Responsibility Club, Dance Club, Marine Club, Outdoor Sports Club, Literature Club, Hezarfen Aviation Club, Media and Photography Club, Music Club, Chess Club, Theatre Club, Water Sports and Sailing Club, Yoga Club, Soccer Teams Fun Clubs.

Students are free to start a club for any interest.


We provide Kyrenia ring services and bus services between campus and Nicosia – Near East University.  Access to campus is possible with bicycle, taxis and public transportation.

Ring and bus services are available between University of Kyrenia campus and Kyrenia city center and also Near East University (NEU) Nicosia periodically during the day time and 6 days a week.

Also, there is a free transportation service available from Ercan Airport to all new students arriving in North Cyprus.


There is a cafeteria to meet students, staff, and visitors needs, and a central restaurant which can accommodate up to 200 people at the same time on campus.  

All other services and facilities of University of Kyrenia and Near East University (hospitals, library, sport complex, laundry, events and so on) are offered to students either free of charge or at a discount.  

Shared facilities provided by NEU

University of Kyrenia students have access to all facilities at Near East University.

 Accommodation – NEU Dormitories (economic, standard, lux, apart and residence)

 Grand Library

 Dean of Student’s Office

 Super Computer

 Health and Fitness Centre

– Sports Facilities (Basketball and Tennis Courts, Astro Pitch)

 Tourism Office

 Post Office


 Participation to NEU Events and Activities

 NEU Bus Services

 Tourism Office / Post Office / Shops / Cafes

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital consists of 24 units equipped with the latest and most advanced medical devices used by an experienced specialist team, providing a 24/7 high quality health service. The hospital includes the following;

 4 intensive care units – Emergency Service

 Medical Surgery – Check-up centres

 Nutrition and Diabetics  Clinic Pharmacy

 Breast Health Centre – Laboratories and many other units.

 Sterilization and Dialysis Units

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital consists of 14 units equipped with the latest and most advanced medical devices used by an experienced specialist team, providing a high quality oral health service. The dental hospital includes the following;

 Oral surgery and Implantology  Pediatric dentistry

– Oral radiology  Tooth and implant prosthesis

– Periodontal diseases  Endodontics

 Root canal treatment – Oral diagnosis and treatment planning

– Orthodontics – Restorative and esthetic dentistry

– Facial pains and temporomandibular joint problems   – Laser bleaching

– Sedation and general anesthesia for handicapped people and uncooperative children  

– CAD/CAM technologies.

Near East University Hospital

Near East University Hospital was established in 2010 providing a high quality health service. NEU hospital consists of 209 private patient rooms, 8 operating theatres, 30 intensive care units, 17 neonatal intensive care units, cutting-edge diagnostic imaging center and many more units and laboratories.

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