University of City Island was founded in 2015. Our aim is to bring European standard and style of education to the island with an international environment and multicultural character.

Our campus is located in the center of Famagusta City, just outside the popular tourist centre of Famagusta and continues to host UCI’s 7 faculties and 14 academic programmes.

UCI is accredited by several organization and in partnership with international institutions.

Our Mission

Instilling the culture and realities of North Cyprus with contemporary scientific values to the students who are representing different cultures from various countries around the World, introducing the World and thus contributing to social and cultural development as well as the development of peace and ethical values.

At UCI , we offer you

A safe, secure and welcoming environment.

An active, enjoyable and multi-disciplinary learning experience.

The programmes, teaching and standards of care you need to be ready for the next stage of your life.

UCI Highlights

Key Competences for Lifelong Learning

Our vision at UCI is indexed and driven by the eight key competences for lifelong learning:

  • Communication in the mother tongue
  • Communication in foreign languages
  • Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
  • Digital competence
  • Learning
  • Social and civic competences
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural awareness and expression

Our curriculum at the University of City Island and your learning and extra curricular experience at our university is thoroughly informed by these principles which are intended to ensure that our graduates are not only highly qualified specialists in their chosen fields but also highly skilled and ethical practitioners possessing all the qualities needed to make significant contributions both in the workplace and society more generally, including a commitment to lifelong learning.

Language and Communication Skills

Today’s global environment demands graduates with exceptional communication skills. The UCI English language programme provides a solid foundation for students not yet ready to study through the medium of English, and all students are offered language classes throughout their stay at UCI to improve both their academic and professional language skills.

Communication with Families

UCI fully appreciates the investment made by prospective students and their families and sponsors, and the anxieties of parents when sending their children abroad to an unfamiliar country and culture. The university is very careful with regard to keeping contact channels open and staying in regular communication with parents sponsors throughout their programme. Student attendance, progress and welfare is monitored on a daily basis, and families are kept fully informed of any issues that may need addressing.



How to apply UCI?

Admission Policy

During the Registration period, the following documents must be submitted by the applicant:

  • High School Diploma & Transcript (Original & Notarized in English)
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter
  • Passport Photocopy (1 copy)
  • Visa Letter (from the embassy)
  • Results of IELTS or TOEFL (If available)
  • Passport Size Photos (10 pcs)
  • Proof of no Criminal Record
  • Health Report
  • Tuition Fee Bank Receipt

International Office

The UCI International Office is the home away from for international students at UCI. The Office aims to:

  • Help students with every stage of their application and admission process
  • Ensure students settle in to the UCI family on arrival
  • Guide, advise and assist international students throughout their stay at UCI in all aspects of their lives at UCI and in the community.

Application link:

For more information regarding application, please contact

Costs and Scholarships

UCI offers scholarships for freshmen students between 25% and 100% of fees, and these are decided based on academic achievement, disable or sportsmanship. When the online application form sent to UCI for applying a program, you will get an e-mail form from the International Office that your application has been received.


Candidate students can stay in the private halls of residence/dormitories close to the campus in Famagusta. Dormitories provide 24 hours of security, 24 hours of private doctor and nurse on-call, restaurants, guest rooms, study rooms, a fitness center and mini-markets.

Student Life

Social , Cultural Activities & Student Clubs

Activities :

Our university targets to improve the personal, social and economic development of the students with social activities. In this regard,social activities are considered as an important and integral part of the education. Concerts,conferences,clubs, interviews, field trips, festivals, visual and written work, exhibitions, and demonstrations are an integral part of the campus life.

Student Clubs :

  • Academic Clubs
  • PDR Club
  • English Conversation Club
  • Management Club
  • Tourism Management Club
  • Music Club
  • Photography Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Turkish Art Music Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Sports Clubs
  • Robotics Club
  • History Club
  • Search&Rescue Club
  • Environment Club

Life on Campus

Our campus provides free broadband internet service 24 hours a day with a strong infrastructure of information. An unlimited and secure digital network has been created for research, communication and sharing.

Our education and training units have an active and social life that lives every hour of the day. 24-hour open cafés and restaurants, an on-site market, and club rooms for student club meetings.

At the campus where open space practice is adopted, students can perform their socio-cultural and academic work at any time they desire, using theater halls, art workshops and laboratories.

There are cafeterias, restaurants, markets, dormitories, arts and cultural places within walking distance to our campus.

Our security works 7 days and 24 hours during whole year.

Famagusta city, where our university is located, is a multicultural life center with students from around 110 countries take part.

Our campus where different cultures coexist is our most important principle to be respectful of all kinds of opinions, values, loyalty and culture and to ensure its survival. Specific areas have been set up to enable individuals to live freely and to recognize other cultures.

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