We at GAU have been committed to preparing our students for active participation in a changing global world for nearly 3 decades.  We find that changing has become one of the constants in our lives.

We believe there is no better preparation for the demands of the future than a multi faceted education that GAU provides.  This is grounded in a tradition of academic excellence, dedicated to the personal and intellectual developmental of its students.  It aims to develop men and women prepared – and capable of – assuming highly responsible roles in life.

GAU is the oldest university in the island of Cyprus, our location in Girne /Kyrenia, North Cyprus has links with the past.  In keeping with the legacy of our rich history we are confident that our current international educational environment is second to none.  Our campus is a garden square of 35 acres, which combines fine traditional elements with a beautiful environment and state – of – the – art technology.  You will have the opportunity to balance your studies with healthy recreation both on and off campus.  You will find friends all around the world to talk to, to study with and share the multitude of joys experiences of our university life.

GAU will provide you with a dedicated faculty who possess a genuine love of learning.  The comprehensive curriculum composed of a wide range of courses that are offered within an environment conducive to your success.  We will challenge, stretch and strengthen your thinking in ways that you never dreamt possible.  We will expect more, require more, and tolerate less than any other institution in your academic life thus far.  At the same time we will afford you every possible avenue to achievement.

The reality is that, even with the best of all these things, we cannot learn for you.  You must learn for yourself, you must learn from each other, and we will learn from you.  You must demonstrate high motivation willing to invest the time and the energy needed to achieve life’s truest success.

Since 1985, GAU has grown in its understanding of itself, as a modern University. We have high expectations of ourselves and our students and endeavor to raise our standards of education through the use of external accrediting bodies. We are proud of the many accreditations we hold, and the ones that are still forthcoming. Girne American University’s academic programs are nationally accredited by the Ministries of Education of various countries including the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and by the equivalent authorities in U.A.E, Jordan, Oman, Thailand, Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Kyrgzstan, Kazakhstan and is generally recognized in Central Asian countries.

How to apply GAU?

You can apply to GAU by completing an application form from our website www.gau.edu.tr or contact us by phone or email and we can send an application form to you.

To enable us to process and evaluate your application more efficiently, we also require the following documents from you:

  • Completed application form
  • Copies of all academic records, certificates and transcripts
  • Evidence of English competence – IELTS, TOEFL (if not available then you can sit the English Proficiency Exam upon arrival)
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Health report
  • 50 Euro application fee

We also have agent representatives in many countries who can also assist you in your application, please take a look at our website for their contact details.

Please follow the instructions stated below in order to complete the application process correctly.

  • To apply for a course you will need to complete and submit our application form.
  • Make sure you complete all required and marked sections on the application form as this will ensure a speedier response.
  • Scan and send the form and all required documents to infostudent@gau.edu.tr /intstudent@gau.edu.tr for evaluation
  • You will receive a response from one of our team members informing you that your email and documents have been received.
  • After we process the application, if you have the right academic qualifications, you will receive Provisional Acceptance Letter (PAL) via e-mail. This tells you that you are accepted to GAU and request that you pay the minimum deposit required to confirm your place in the university.
  • Once we receive your initial payment you will then be issued with an official Acceptance Letter informing you of the registration dates and any further payments or documents required.

Costs and Scholarships

For international students, tuition fees vary depending on both the degree type, e.g. Bachelor, Masters, PhD and the program of study to be taken, e.g. Civil Engineering, Architecture. The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor/undergraduate programs in GAU ranges from € 4,500 per academic year to €6,000 per academic year. The tuition fee for Master’s programs is € 6,500 and the PhD programs are €8,000.

When registering for university there are various other costs to be aware of, these are:

  • Registration fee (Undergraduate per academic year) 250 Euro
  • Registration Fee (PhD/Doctorate Programs once only) 400 Euro
  • Registration Fee (Master Degree Programs once only) 250 Euros
  • Academic Activity Fee (per semester) 125 Euro
  • Health Insurance Fee (per academic year) 60 Euro

*all fees are subject to a 5% VAT charge.

Girne American University is currently offering a 50% tuition scholarship to their international students for all Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree programs.


The dormitories are the place for students to settle into University life and give them the opportunity to make Cyprus their home. They offer a safe haven for all in a structured environment where you have a chance to make friends for life and share all new experiences together.

GAU (Girne American University) has three dormitories for students, two for females and one for males all within easy reach of the campus. There are many buses for students to use to get them to and from the university, dormitory and the local town centre from early morning until 9pm.

The dormitories are all cleaned and maintained to a high standard with security and the latest technology.

Gordon Bennet – Female  Dormitory

The dormitory was built in the 2006 and named after the first rector of Girne American University – late Prof. Dr. Gordon Bennet.

There are single and shared rooms to choose from for up to 2 people and it is located in the University Road only 300 m to the GAU Main Campus. All rooms are Air-conditioned with their own bathroom, mini-refrigerator, beds, study table & chairs, wardrobe, TV, and telephone. The students share the Kitchen and laundry room.

Knowledge Village – Female Dormitory

GAU Knowledge Village was built in the 2005 and fulfills all a student needs with shared rooms available for 2 – 4 people. This dormitory is located in the City center and is 2 km from GAU Main Campus.

Again the rooms are Air-conditioned with bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, beds, table & chairs, wardrobe, TV and a telephone.

Univercity Complex – Male Dormitory

The boys dormitory was built in 2006 and has single and double rooms available and is located in Karmi which is only 800 m to GAU’s main campus.

The rooms are Air-conditioned with their own bathroom, Mini-refrigerator, beds, study table & chairs, Wardrobe, TV and telephone. In their dormitory the students also have use of a cafeteria, restaurant, market, billiards table, Big LCD Screen TV, laundry room and study halls.

All dormitories offer 24 hour security, room cleaning, Wi-fi, hot water, technical support and a generator. If required bedding can be provided.

Elysium Court Girls Residence

This is an on-campus residence hall, where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean while being steps away from all of your classes. Students can stay in single or double luxury rooms. This residence is 100 meters from classrooms, and have 24 hour security.

There is bus service to the city center and to the residence hall and there is a community garden for resident`s use. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms.

Student Life

GAU is a micro society, embracing staff and students from all over the world. On our campus we have many restaurants and markets available during the day. We also have a Library and Cybrary for all your needs. There are many sports clubs and teams for students to join and become involved in and make use of our fantastic facilities available. Such as our Semi Olympic swimming pool, athletics track, tennis and basketball courts, football pitches and gymnasium.

Our Multi Cultural Centre want to give students the opportunity to make the most of their stay with us, by meeting other cultures. We do understand that living away from home is not always easy, but don’t worry, GAU has a close international student community, who guarantees enough activities and events for you not to feel too much homesick! ! GAU offers many different social activities so that when you are out of class you have many things that you can do. Such as, cinema club, karaoke night, quiz nights and music days. We also celebrate all International Independence days and our students can get involved and arrange a particular event for these occasions.

We also have our Spring Festival held each year and gives all students the chance to celebrate and introduce us to the own national pleasure. They show us their culinary delights, dancing skills and introduce us to their heritage. There are events throughout the day til late at night with something for everyone to enjoy.

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