• Quality education at an affordable cost.
  • An education that is career-centered and skill-orientated from the outset and includes intensive internship and work preparation programs.
  • A multicultural learning environment tailored to enable students to share experiences and friendships with fellow students from all around the world.
  • A safe, secure, and hospitable environment for study in one of the most beautiful parts of the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • A student-centered environment with high standards of care and attention and a low staff-student ratio.
  • Opportunities to gain further international qualifications and participate in exchange programs.

How to apply FIU?

Online Application

Complete and submit the online application form (https://www.final.edu.tr/students-formwith the required attachments.

If you meet the entrance requirements, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter within three working days.

Complete your first payment to the University.

Upon receipt of the first payment, the University will issue you a full acceptance letter.

Costs and Scholarships


Standard Fee Scholarship Offer


Scholarship Offer 60%
Tuition Fee $5,000 $2,500 $2,000
Registration Fee $100 $100 $100
Transportation and Social Activity Fee $180 $180 $180
VAT 5% 5% 5%
Health Insurance Fee $60 $60 $60

Total Tuition Fee including 5% VAT

$5,605 $2,980 $2,460


Uzay Sakir Dormitory (Zeytinlik Apart Dormitory)

Room Type Number of Students Deposit 1st Semester Payment   /Per Student 2nd Semester Payment    /Per Student Total Payment for One Academic Year / Per Student with 5% VAT
2+1 4 students


200 USD 993 USD 993 USD 1,986 USD
1+1 2 students


200 USD 1,392 USD 1,392 USD 2,784 USD
1+1 1 student 200 USD 2,257.5 USD 2,257.5 USD 4,515 USD

Inclusive: *Water

Exclusive: *Deposit, *Electricity, *Wi-Fi and *Cleaning

Liman Dormitory (Yeni Liman)

Room Type Number of Students Deposit 1st Semester Payment   /Per Student 2nd Semester Payment    /Per Student Total Payment for One Academic Year / Per Student with 5% VAT
1+0 4 students(+2)


200 USD 900 USD 900 USD 1,800 USD
1+0 2 students(+4)


200 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 USD 2,000 USD
1+0 2 students


200 USD 1,100 USD 1,100 USD 2,200 USD

Inclusive: *Wi-Fi and *Cleaning

Exclusive: *Deposit, *Electricity and *Water

Note: *Shared bathroom & WC, and communal kitchen

Student Life

Participation in clubs, activities and events not only helps our students make friends across our international community but helps in the development of valuable career skills, including:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Intercultural skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills

All FIU students are therefore encouraged to take an active role in our extra-curricular activities as they are announced. Current clubs include:

  • Radio Club (Radio Final)
  • Computer Society
  • Photography Club
  • Nature Walking and Nature Community
  • Music Society
  • English Speaking Club
  • Model United Nations Society
  • Social Solidarity and Charity Community
  • Verbal Jousting Club
  • Crafts and Painting Club
  • Theater Society
  • Chess Society
  • Turkish Speaking Club
  • Dance Community (Folk Dances/World Dances)
  • Tourism and Culinary Arts Club

Sporting Activities

Opportunities for sport both through the university and the local community are considerable, and range from classic sports such as football and basketball, to diving and water sports, and hiking, to indoor sports such as table-tennis, pool, and chess. As with other extra-curricular activities, students are encouraged to participate in such activities not just because they are fun but because they help with the development of the key knowledge, skills and competences that are part of the Mission and Vision of the University.

Other Activities and Events

Throughout the academic year, many other events and activities are organised that have both social and educational purposes, including seminars from visiting speakers, concerts, exhibitions, parties, and celebrations of our multicultural character, through international nights of music, cuisine and dance.

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