Why Cyprus Social Sciences University (CSSU)?

At our university, the purpose of education and training is to enable our students to acquire professional knowledge, skills and competencies as well as intellectual experience and perspectives that will build their personalities throughout their lives.

Our aim is to educate graduates in order to express themselves professionally, have high social skills, strong leadership abilities, and to work individually and cooperatively. We also focus on empowering our graduates to investigate and experience all kinds of developments in the world and question events, criticize and analyze them deeply.

Costs and Scholarships

Based on the departments, you may learn our fees at http://www.kisbu.edu.tr/odeme-bilgileri. Depending on the year of entry, an increase related to (TÜFE+ÜFE)/ 2 ratio applies on the fees annually. Fees include % 5 VAT.

2018 YKS Quota Proposals and 2017 Base Points and Success Lines

According to the decision taken by ÖSYM, no placement will be made under Law 150,000, and 240,000 successive courses in all of the Teaching Programs.

Preference Scholarships: The first three preferences in accordance with the Scholarships Guidelines of Cyprus Social Sciences University are four-year scholarships to be granted to students who enroll at our university. The students will be granted a scholarship of 25%  or 50% or %100 according to their conditions and how they satisfy the requirements. You can check the details from our web site www.kisbu.edu.tr  

Student Life

At Cyprus Social Sciences University Campus, there are various facilities:

  • Restaurants and Coffeeshops
  • 13 Student Clubs of diverse interests such as music, theatre, psychology, law, sports, etc.
  • Library
  • Sporting Areas

Contact Info