Located at the heart of the North Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus International University (CIU) is a real international and multicultural university with around 19,000 students coming from 110 different countries.

CIU has achieved an unprecented growth since its establishement in 1997, not only in student population, but in academic program and faculty number as well. Having cooperation agreement with 220 different universities around the world, CIU is on the UNESCO world university list and is accredited by UK NARIC as well as the Turkish Higher Education Board (YOK). In addition to 28 Vocational School Programs, 81 Undergraduate Programs, 88 Master Programs, 22 PhD Programs and 2 Professional Doctorate Programs, CIU has 50 state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with modern technology and a Continuing Education Center on campus. In addition to the above-stated programs, CIU has double degree programs with EU Business School, Paris School of Business (PSB), University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Wolverhampton (UK) and University of Sunderland (UK).

CIU’s general aim is to help its students to enhance their academic capacities while supporting them to improve their personal skills as promising individuals of the future. In this regard, with a vibrant campus setup full of rich social facilities, CIU offers various entertainment platforms for its students such as live band concerts, art exhibitions, sports tournaments, seminars with well-known performers, celebrities, writers or academicians, food culture nights, etc. Students can also enjoy themselves at the Student Union with restaurants, cafes, a unique pocket cinema hall and the game arcade rooms.


How to apply CIU?

There are two simple ways for applying to CIU academic programs. You can either Apply Online (https://ciu.edu.tr/prospective-students/10325#page-contents) or apply via the local representative(s) in your country. You can easily get information about the local CIU representative in your country by inquiring to info@ciu.edu.tr.

Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to apply CIU programs. Once you start filling the online form, you will be providing all the information that CIU admissions staff needs to evaluate your application. Make sure you have all academic documents scanned and ready to upload to our online system since you will be attaching your documents within the last page of the application form. Once you complete your application, you will get a notification e-mail stating that your application has been received. If you have provided all the correct information and you have uploaded all the required documents, your application will be evaluated within 2 working days. If there is an academic document missing or you failed to fill in all the required information, CIU Admission Officers will contact you via e-mail and ask for these missing information/documents.

Please follow the instructions stated below in order to complete the online form correctly.

  • To apply for a course you will need to complete and submit our online application form. Follow the link here (https://ciu.edu.tr/prospective-students/10325#page-contents) to begin your application process.
  • Make sure you fill the application form as correct and as complete as possible. There are fields on the application form that are compulsory to fill in; otherwise the system does not let you proceed to the next page of the application.
  • In the application form, you will fill the student details, select the course of interest and select the accommodation type. In addition, you will be uploading your scanned academic documents. Make sure that you send all the required documents so that there will be no delays in the evaluation process of your application.
  • Once the application form is filled, you can then submit it. You will immediately get an e-mail noting that your application has been received.
  • After we process the application, if you have the right academic qualifications, you will be getting a Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL) via e-mail, which notes that you are accepted to CIU on the condition that you pay the minimum required fee to the university.
  • Once we receive your initial payment, you will get your Unconditional Acceptance Letter (UAL) via e-mail.


Costs and Scholarships

For international students, tuition fees vary depending on both the degree type (e.g. Bachelor vs. Masters) and the subject (e.g. Civil Engineering vs. Pharmacy). The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor (undergraduate) programs in CIU averages under € 3,099 per year with 50% international student scholarship except of Pharmacy, which costs € 4,099 per year with 50% international student scholarship.

CIU offers its students ‘’All-Inclusive Packages’’ which includes tuition and fees, accommodation and food. A wide selection of room choices are available for the ‘’All-Inclusive Packages’’ and the fees vary accordingly between € 4500 and € 9000. These packages are very popular among students since they cover almost everything a student needs during the academic year, including health insurance and bus transportation

Scholarships are available for freshmen students from 25% to 100% of tuition and fees, and these are distributed based on academic merit, financial need or sportsmanship. Once you fill in the online application form when applying to CIU, you will get an e-mail form the Admissions Office that your application has been received. If you feel that your financial conditions or academic or sportive achievements deserve scholarship, make sure you e-mail the admissions office back and apply for a partial scholarship.



The benefits of staying on campus goes beyond easy access to lecture halls that are only minutes walk away; residence halls provide the perfect opportunity to meet friends from over sixty different cultures all around the world, easy access to many restaurants across the campus, some of which are open till early hours of the morning, and one of a kind indoor and outdoor sport facilities. Residents can also conveniently participate in the activities of one or more of the many student clubs, have easy access to the library facilities of just have fun at the student center where they can shoot pool with friends or watch their favorite films at the pocket movie theater.

Travel will also be one less thing to worry about with regular shuttle service is available throughout the day, seven days a week, between the campus and capital city Nicosia and also between campus and Kyrenia during weekends.

In Cyprus International University, the accommodation types are categorized under ‘Dormitory Type Studio Rooms’ (no cooking facilities and the students must also take the mean-plan) and ‘Apartment Type Rooms’ (with cooking facilities).

CIU has a total of 17 dormitory buildings to meet the housing needs of students who start their higher education. Specially designed dormitories with high quality and all kinds of comforts offer their students a peaceful, suitable and reliable efficient study environment. All rooms have free and unlimited internet access, LCD TV, wireless TV channels, desk and chair, library, wardrobe, bed, mini-fridge, telephone connection for inter-room calls and have a connection for external calls. CIU dormitories are of two types: studio and apart. Studio-type dormitories with one, two and fourperson rooms are offered with affordable packages including accommodation, one-year cafeteria membership, and tuition fees. The Soli dormitory, which is a studio type, offers single and double rooms with ultra-modern architecture and the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Unlike other studio dormitories, the Soli residence has air conditioning, a lift and special rooms for the disabled.Apart dormitory buildings consist of two and three-bedroom apartments. Apart from the bedrooms, the apartments have a living room and a fully equipped kitchen where students can cook their meals.

Student Life

Campus life is an important part of every student’s university experience. On a territory of about 900,000 square meters, CIU students have access to all sorts of academic and social facilities, and can get acquainted with culture of the different nationalities as well as their folkways. At CIU Haspolat Campus, students can find a computer center, a library, Cyprus’s largest sport complex (CIU Arena), multiple cafeterias and restaurants, a supermarket, a health center, a hairdresser and a game arcade/pool center.

Moreover, CIU students are welcome to join 46 different students clubs (such as music club, cinema club, theater club, search and rescue club, etc.) and attend thematic seminars given by famous artists, academics or politicians on campus. Different types of events (such as the International Night, Spring Festival, National Day Celebrations of different countries, etc) organized by the university social clubs unite the students and give them a possibility to share their national traditions, food and dancing, to show their own talents and to demonstrate their skills/abilities to impress their friends.

In the morning, during the daytime, in the evening – at any time, CIU campus meets you and is waiting for you. Comfortable dormitories, spacious hall of canteen, cinema hall, arcade and pool hall and finally the friendly atmosphere surrounds you. The biggest sport center in Cyprus offers different types of activities (fitness, swimming pool, football, tennis, etc.), which will help girls to be fit and boys – to be courageous. Also, membership in university sport teams (CIU FOXES) allows students to experience team spirit and to learn how to trust each other.

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