Being International

ARUCAD seeks to educate free-thinking, creative, intellectually curious individuals who take global cultural values as a principal. For that reason, our academic staff consists of national and international leading artists and academicians who are well-known in many artistic platforms. To be one of the best fine arts universities which will be known as a center of arts is our vision in ARUCAD.

Privileged Career

ARUCAD offers the perfect combination of teaching and facilities that individuals will gain some artistic skills such as team spirit, critical and analytic thinking, recognizing different perspectives through theoretical and practical learning environment at any age.

Interdisciplinary Education

ARUCAD aims to educate creative individuals dedicated to make a difference in the world. Therefore, it is a must to provide an excellent learning environment which is based on interdisciplinary approaches.

The Quality of Research

At ARUCAD, we believe in the importance of research in undergraduate programs. By this means, ARUCAD offers a wide range of research opportunities. To learn how conduct research, to recognize different points of view and to expand the ways of thinking are important skills that individuals should have before graduation.  ARUCAD is dedicated to give these skills in their research programs.

To Make Difference

ARUCAD is the place where students can meet the world’s famous professors and have a chance to be a part of international artistic network. Besides, students will have an opportunity to be a member of the world famous academic and artistic groups, join many performances and workshops all around the world.

How to apply ARUCAD?

To apply to ARUCAD, applicants are expected to log on to our website via  and complete the application form, attaching the required the relevant documents. The commencement of application and the deadlines are announced on our website and the Registrar’s Office notice board.

For an efficient evaluation of application, and as mentioned on our website, we advise applicants to have the below listed documents after they have completed our online application.

  • Copies of all academic documents, (certificates and transcripts)
  • Evidence of their English competence – IELTS, TOEFL (if not available please note that students are to take an English Proficiency Exam upon arrival at the University)
  • A copy of their international passport photo page.
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Application Form, Interest and Motivation Statement
  • Interview (These differ in some departments.)

Costs and Scholarships

For exceptional students ARUCAD offers the opportunity of a 25 %, 50 %, 75 % or 100 % scholarship.

Annual Programs and Tuition Fees

Faculty Programs  Annual
Faculty of Arts Plastic Arts 7.800 €
Faculty of Arts Photograph and Video 7.800 €
Faculty of Communication Visual Communication Design 7.800 €
Faculty of Communication New Media 7.800 €
Faculty of Design Industrial Design 7.800 €
School of Foreign Language Prep 7.800 €
  • The Tuition Fees do not include 5% VAT, € 250 Registration Fee (one academic year), € 250 Academic and Cultural Activity Fee (one academic year) and € 60 Health Fee (one academic year).


General Services:

  • General materials such as bed, pillow, bed sheet and pique are given.
  • General cleaning is done every day and room cleaning is done once a week
  • Reception
  • Laundry (charged according to usage)
  • Security
  • Generator
  • Cafeteria
  • Common Area
  • Study Room
  • Water (free)
  • Electricity (charged according to usage)
  • A washing machine, dryer and iron are available in common area.(fee charged)
  • Free internet in common areas and rooms
  • Free internal line

Room features:

  • Rooms with balcony and without balcony
  • All rooms have bathroom, shower, and toilet
  • Card Lock System
  • Cabinet
  • Study desk
  • Reading Lamp
  • Kitchenette (kitchen cabinet)
  • Built-in refrigerator
  • Kettle
  • 32 inch LCD Television
  • Wired and Wireless Internet
  • Telephone
  • Air Conditioning

For more information about our accommodation and the services provided, please log on to . You can call us on +90 (392) 650 65 55 or send us an email via  as we will be happy to provided you with detailed information our dormetories.

Student Life

ARUCAD offers every student the best student life every student can ever dream of. We put you in the right mindset that gives you the feeling that you are home though far from home. Our University is in the heart of the city which means everything you need is at your reach, from restaurants to markets are available during the day and night. Our Workshops, Studios, Laboratories, Digital Printing Room, Long-life Learning Center, Cybrary and Library are educational and equip, giving students an extraordinary educational experience and ready to face the real world upon completing their educational program.

Aside from being in class, ARUCAD offers other social and educational activities, giving our students the opportunity to learn, socialize and have fun even when they are out of class. Activities such as, seminar, talk night, workshops, field trips, art exhibition, and Spring Festivals. Our International Office and all our staff are ready to give our students the efficacy to make the most of their stay at ARUCAD and Cyprus in general providing them with the best opportunity to meet and interact with students from other countries and also learning new cultures and tradition.

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